Venue Operations

Venue Operations is part of USU Facilities and provides critical services and support across campus. Need help moving your USU office space or equipment? We have the equipment, manpower, and know-how to make your move seamless! Interested in earning money for your community group, club, or team? Become part of our Cleanup Groups program!

moving dolly with box

Get Help with Moving

Need to move your USU office or equipment? Use our professional moving services for free! Save your walls, and your halls! We've got you covered!

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Community Cleanup Groups

Earn money as part of the Cleanup Crew for USU events! Knock out some of your fundraising needs with a single event!

Looking for Help with Equipment Rental?
Equipment rental is managed through USU Event Services. This includes tables, chairs, barriers, sound equipment, etc. When needed, Event Services works with the Venue Operations for set-up/take-down help.