In general, my philosophy of teaching, my teaching objectives, my pedagogy etc., naturally parallels my philosophy of mentoring students in research and scholarship. I embrace individuality among students, emphasize the ongoing pursuit of knowledge, try to lead by example, and always press upon students the implications of our daily actions to the state of the real world. I operate under the premise that all students are individual humans with different strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly, different strategies of teaching will engage different individuals.

WATS 6230/7230 Graduate Fish Ecology: From seminal contributions to hot, new advances

Spring Semester
WATS 6230/7230 - 2 credits with 1 credit special projects option
Time and Location:TBD

This course integrates across ecology’s major subdisciplines, covering a range of contemporary and foundational topics relevant to fish ecology, including:

  • Habitat
  • Population dynamics
  • ‘Riverscape’ ecology
  • Feeding Ecology & Predation
  • Food webs & Species Interactions
  • Invasion biology
  • Macroecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Applied issues
Graduate Fish Ecology

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