Private Education Loans

Federal loans may not be enough to cover all of your school-related expenses. After you have received all of your federal loan eligibility, you may consider applying for a private education loan. Here are some things you should know before you borrow a private education loan:

  • Most private education loans require a credit check.
  • Most private education loans charge higher interest than Direct, Perkins, and PLUS loans.
  • Some private education loans may charge lower interest than Unsubsidized Direct and PLUS loans depending on the signer and cosigner's credit score.
  • Each private education loan has their own unique terms and conditions.
  • Most private education loans require at least 6 credits and an eligible cosigner.
  • Private education loans cannot exceed your cost of attendance including grants, loans, scholarships, and other financial resources.
  • There is a federally mandated right-to-cancel period after your private education loan has been approved by the lender. This regulation will delay your funding for at least 10 business days.

International students please note: Private education loans for international students generally require a US Citizen cosigner.

There are many lenders who participate in this type of funding. The Utah State University Financial Aid office does not endorse any specific lenders. We provide the links below as places to start in your search for additional loan funding. Please take the time to carefully research the terms and conditions of each lender before deciding on which alternative loan to borrow.

FASTChoice Private Loans offers a loan comparison and application tool for USU's most used private education lenders. They also provide and interactive overview of important information about repaying your private student loans.

Past Lenders in the last 3 Years

One American Bank Prodigy Finance SoFi
Richland Loan Processing Discover KHEAA
Service Credit Union Commerce Bank BCU Student Loans
Goldenwest Credit Union Credible Student Loans Canvas Credit Union
Truist Sallie Mae Earnest
VSAC College Ave PNC
Edly Valley First Credit Union Chartway Federal Credit Union
ISL Education Lending NJCLASS Citizens
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education LendKey Funding U
Scient FCU Bank of Lake Mills Cognition Financial
campusdoor MEFA The NHHEAF Network
DCU Union Federal Gesa CU

Please note: This list has been randomly sorted. Because this is a historical list, some of these lenders may no longer be involved in private student loans.

If you have general questions about private education loans, contact your Federal Aid Counselor for assistance. For specific details you will need to contact the private education lender directly.