Faculty Evaluation Committee

Faculty Senate

Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule, which is as of yet to be determined, is set by the Chair of the Committee with input from the remaining committee members, which also follows the guidelines set by the committee calendar.

About the Committee

The Faculty Evaluation Committee shall:

  1. Assess methods for evaluating faculty performance;
  2. Recommend improvements in methods of evaluation; and
  3. Decide university awards for Teacher, Mentor and Service Award for the Year.
  4. The committee shall consist of one faculty representative from each academic college, Statewide Campuses, USU Eastern, Extension, and the Library, two student officers from ASUSU and one student officer from the GSS. The faculty representatives are elected to the committee in accordance with Section 402.11.2. The committee will elect a chair a chair annually, preferably at the last meeting of the academic year.

FEC Survey: Perceptions on IDEA Teaching Evaluations at USU – Department Head Results
FEC Survey: Perceptions on IDEA Teaching Evaluations at USU – Teaching Faculty Results
FEC Annual Report-AY 2020-2021

2022-2023 Membership

  • Agriculture and Applied Sciences – Matt Bunnell
  • Arts - Timothy Chenette 
  • Business – Todd Griffith 
  • Education and Human Services – Crissa Draper
  • Engineering – Angela Minichiello
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Cree Taylor
  • Natural Resources – Doug Ramsey
  • Science – Vicki Allan
  • Libraries – Liz Woolcott
  • Extension – Lendel Narine
  • Statewide Campuses – Kim Hales (Chair)
  • USU Eastern – Steve Nelson
  • Student Representatives – Abraham, Rodriguez (USUSA Executive Vice President)
  • Student Representatives – Ethan Conlee (USUSA Student Advocate)
  • Student Representatives – Sarah Pope (USUSA Graduate Studies Senator)