Faculty Senate FAQ

What is academic freedom and what are my professional responsibilities?

USU's Faculty Code 402.3 ACADEMIC FREEDOM states the following:

Academic freedom is the right to teach, study, discuss, investigate, discover, create, and publish freely. Academic freedom protects the rights of faculty members in teaching and of students in learning. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. The faculty member is entitled to full freedom in teaching, research, and creative activities, subject to the limitations imposed by professional responsibility.
See Faculty Code 403 for the full scope on AF and PR.

Where can I find information in USU's policy code concerning tenure and promotion or promotion to full professor?

USU Policy Manual Section 405: Tenured and Term Appointments: Evaluation, Promotion and Retention

Who can I contact about benefits?

There are several choices. You can contact one of the Faculty Senate representatives for your college, the Faculty Senate caucus leader for your college, the chair of Faculty Senate's Budget and Faculty Welfare, fondly referred to as BFW.

Where can I find the USU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual?

These policies cover procedures related to academic issues only. Answers can be found here to questions about the university's policy on incompletes, final exams, deadlines, etc.

Is there a process for handling student incivility and disruptive behavior?

Yes. Faculty may be unaware that there is such a policy. This policy can be found in theĀ USU Student Code.

What is the process for student grievances against faculty?

This can be found in the Student section of the USU Policy Manual.

What are the responsibilities and rights of students?

This is covered in the USU Student Code.

Where can I find the University's policy manual?

USU's Policy Manual covers the procedures and standards related to the functioning of the university and its employees. It contains a section on faculty policies. These policies are also referred to as faculty code. If you hear people saying, "It's in the Code," this is the section of the Policy Manual they are probably referring to. Becoming familiar with faculty code, or Section 400, is essential!

What are my due process rights?

The due process rights of faculty can be found in the Policy Manual, Number 407, Subject: Academic Due Process: Sanctions and Hearing Procedures. This section also contains the procedures for filing a grievance, 407.6 GRIEVANCES. The university has also established a mediation process.