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To be eligible for scholarships, insurance, and academic credit, all of the following internships must be approved by and applied directly through the IOGP. Please contact the IOGP for more information.

Internship Information


There are life long benefits gained from interning abroad.  As the world becomes more interconnected, living and working abroad can benefit you personally, academically, and professionally.  In particular, a global internship can help you:

  • develop your intercultural awareness and abilities
  • improve your foreign language skills 
  • explore a potential career path
  • gain valuable contacts and network with professionals in other parts of the world
  • develop appreciation and respect for diversity and other cultures
  • gain greater self-awareness, confidence, and independence
  • connect with others
  • develop professional experience and skills
  • set yourself apart

All Disciplines

The IOGP provides global internship opportunities in all disciplines for all majors

Why Should I Intern with the IOGP?

The IOGP has built relationships with many different entities around the globe. Internships through the IOGP are vetted by the school to ensure the best experience for students. Many internships are only availalble through the IOGP and offer students lower expenses, academic credit, safety, and an experienced network of mentors.

The Process

The IOGP has built relationships with many different entities around the globe. Internships through the IOGP are vetted by the school to ensure the best experience for students. Students should meet with an IOGP advisor to determine an internship that fits their interests and circumstances. Advisors help students be as competitive as possible in applying for global internships, increasing their likelihood of securing high profile internships. To set up an appointment contact Dr. Shannon Peterson

Overview of Global Internships Application Process

  1. Submit an online application to the IOGP.   Anyone interested in completing an international internship first needs to submit an application via the IOGP website.  Be sure to indicate your preferred semester and location on the application. 
  2. Meet with the IOGP Global Internship Advisor.  After completing an application, you will be contacted by the IOGP and will meet individually with the Global Internship advisor to determine which global internship opportunity best meets your unique interests and needs. 
  3. Finalize internship program approval by completing an application via the Global Engagement Office. After finalizing the type of internship program that best meets your needs, you will submit a brief application to the Global Engagement Office which will allow you to then register and pay for your internship program. 
  4. Complete the IOGP Pre-Departure Internship Orientation Canvas Module. After finalizing the program, students will be placed in a Pre-Departure Internship Canvas Course.  Students will need to complete the quizzes in the International Internship Module before they will be allowed to register.
  5. Register and pay your tuition. All students doing an international internship are encouraged to register for academic credit to ensure they receive international SOS insurance and academic support.  Currently, students can register for 1-9 POLS 5950, CMST 5950, CHSS 5950, or IOGP  5950 academic credits, depending on their interests or academic needs.  Most students registering for academic credit are eligible for the IOGP Tuition Scholarship which can help offset their program/internship expenses. 
  6. Meet with intern provider/organization to finalize internship details. After registering, students will need to work with their internship provider to finalize their internship details and other housing/travel arrangements. 
  7. Apply for passport and arrange flights (not necessary for virtual internships). Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a valid passport.  Any visa/vaccination requirements for the internship location, as well as flight/travel arrangements and costs, are also the responsibility of the student. 
  8. Start internship and associated internship course.

Requirements & Eligibility

Students must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply.

Academic Credit

Students can receive academic credit (1-9 credits) for any of the global internships offered through the IOGP.  
Any student wishing to receive academic credit for their internship should contact Dr. Shannon Peterson for more information.


Some global internships are paid, some have a stipend associated, but most are unpaid. Scholarships and financial aid and available to fund an internship experience may be available through a student's department. Many of the financial obligations a student has will be based on the internship they are offered and accept. See more information on the Finances page.

Available Opportunities

The institute places students in all kinds of internships based on their interests. There are opportunities in all disciplines in numerous locations across the globe.


Students are responsible for all travel expenses and are encouraged to seek out funding through their departments. Assistance and information available to interns can be found on the Travel & Safety page.

Find Your Own Internship

The IOGP will offer credit and support for students that find their own global internship. Students can meet with an advisor in the institute to determine if an internship qualifies for support and academic credit. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shannon Peterson. 

Applications & Deadlines

  • All internships provided through the IOGP must be applied for using the IOGP application. Applications are completed online. The Institute takes applications on a rolling basis, but general deadlines for spring, summer, and fall internships are outlined below.

    • Spring 2022: October 1
    • Summer 2022: February 1
    • Fall 2022: April 1

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