MESAS: Mentoring & Encouraging Student Academic Success

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The Mentoring & Encouraging Student Academic Success (MESAS) program was initially created to increase the academic success of transfer students from the USU campus in Blanding to the main USU campus in Logan. The goals of the program were to encourage more Native American students to pursue graduate degrees in STEM fields and to build a more inclusive campus environment at Utah State University. As the program has grown, our goals have also grown. Program goals now include providing academic assistance and cultural programming for all Native American students at Utah State University.

Fall 2021 MESAS Office Hours
MESAS Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 10:00-3:00
EDUC 495 or 497

Always available by email

USU Blanding Hogan Construction

Watch a live webcam to see the construction of the Hogan at the USU Blanding capmpus.

Indigenous Knowledge Symposium

MESAS held its inaugural Indigenous Knowledge Symposium on March 19, 2021. We had a wonderful panel of knowledgeable speakers who shared a great deal about the importance of Indigenous Knowledge. We did record the symposium if you were unable to attend.





The Native American Summer Mentorship Program was pivitol in the creation of MESAS. This program's success led to the need for the MESAS program.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute provided the grant money for the creation of MESAS. This fantasic group is helping to support the MESAS program.


Briana Kaufman

MESAS Coordinator of Programs

 Briana Kaufman

Office Location: EDUC 497
Phone: 435-797-0722

Daniel Piper

MESAS Faculty Advocate

Danny Piper

Office Location: EDUC 495