Cadet Participation


Military Science Army ROTC offers a wide variety of opportunities for cadets ranging from Leadership Labs to presenting our Nation's colors at home football games. Explore some opportunities below:

Army ROTC Labs
Cadets Training
Cadets participate in a leadership lab every Thursday as part of the Military Science Course. The leadership labs allow Cadets the opportunity to practice what they have learned in classes. These labs are usually outdoors and allow Cadets the opportunity to learn basic military tactics while refining their leadership skills.

Color Guard
color guard at a football game
The USU Color Guard is one of the most visible parts of the ROTC within the Cache Valley. They present our Nation's colors at the home football games, as well as other sporting events in conjunction with the Air Force (ROTC) Color Guard.

Cadets who volunteer to participate with the color guard are trained by the Cadet Sergeant Major with supervision by the non-commissioned officers.

Army ROTC Cannon Crew
Cannon crew at football game
USU Army ROTC uses a 75mm howitzer at each home game. 5-7 Cadets and one ROTC instructor are responsible for manning the cannon.  Cadets do push-ups after each touchdown or field goal and at kick off.  From time to time an honorary crew member is selected to fire the first round at opening kickoff.

Ranger Challenge
Cadet completing ranger challenge
The Ranger Challenge team provides Cadets an opportunity to physically and mentally challenge themselves. Cadets compete against other ROTC programs from around the country. Training includes physical training, rifle marksmanship, land navigation and other skills.