Physical Fitness

Soldiers in the Army need to be physically fit at all times to meet the demands of every situation we find ourselves in. The Army Physical Fitness Test is the standard for all ROTC Cadets while they are attending college. This test will test your Aerobic conditioning with a two mile run, and your muscular strength and endurance of your core, chest, shoulders, and triceps with two minutes of push ups and two minutes of sit ups. Below you will find a calculator to gauge your performance and improvements. For our students to successfuly graduate and commission as Army Officers they will need to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Our students participate in physical fitness training three days a week where we focus on overall fitness and prepare them for the ACFT. For an overview of the ACFT please visit the official Army ACFT webpage.

Performance Calculator

USU MSL 2400 Physical Readiness Course Available to Any Interested Student
You do not have to be contracted or part of the Army ROTC to take the MSL 2400 - Physical Readiness course at USU. This one credit class is open to all students and covers the physical fitness principles and practices that ROTC members need to pass the ACFT.