Program History

Creation of The Department of Military Science
The Department of Military Science at Utah State University came into being in 1892, only four years after the university itself was established. Graduates of this military science program first served in the Spanish-American War, followed closely by participation with "Black Jack" Pershing as he chased Pancho Villa into history. Students who trained and drilled on USU's grounds and throughout the community have fought in the trenches of WWI, and across the skies and battlefields during WWII. They have served on the barren hills of Korea, in the jungles of Vietnam and Panama, and in the deserts of the Middles East and across Southwest Asia.

Cadets at dugway


Old quad picture of ROTC Students

West Point of the West
The Military Science program at USU began small, however the number of students trained each year since inception grew from just over 200 in 1900, to more than 2,200 by 1950.  In fact, by 1947 this military science program was so successful, and had gained such prominence, that USU came be known as the, "West Point of the West" as USU came to commission more officers into the military than any other school in the nation, with the exception of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Cadets drilling on the quad