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Why USU Online

A Leader in Online Education

USU Online is a leader in online education because of our focus on the student experience. Below are reviews from current or past students who took courses or earned entire degrees through USU Online.

“The online delivery was super handy. Taking exams at 11:30 p.m. isn’t super fun, but it was something I needed to do as a parent and a working mom. The instructors were all easily accessible, I was able to communicate with my fellow online students, and taking classes online was a really helpful way to pursue a degree I was really interested in. My favorite thing about getting a degree from Utah State is that it has a great reputation in the field.”
Amanda Jesse, Wisconsin
2019 Bachelor’s in COMDDE

Each USU Online student has a unique life situation that can make going to a traditional, in-person university difficult or impossible. We strive to bring the experience and benefits to the students, wherever they are.