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You have goals, but sometimes you need help to get there. Add USU Online to your team and achieve even more. We've helped individuals finsih their degree after a prolonged break, upskill and advance their careers with master's programs, and provided opportunities to make a difference in their lives, families, and communities. With USU Online on your side, you'll be supported every step of the way, from applying to graduation. Find the program that resonates with you below and take the next step towards your goals.

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For other programs, including tech bootcamps and professional development courses, visit For courses and programs aimed to improve your life, and that of your family and community, visit

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International students studying at USU on the F-1 or J-1 visa must have the majority of their classes each semester be face-to-face in order to meet the physical presence requirement to maintain their visa status. Students on the F-1 visa must enroll in classes at the Logan or USU Eastern campuses. Students on the J-1 visa must enroll in classes at the Logan campus.