Online Success Strategies

Achieve Success in Online Learning 

Unlock the secrets to online learning success with our comprehensive guide.

Thrive in your courses with practical tips and strategies, including effective time management and active engagement. Our flexible online programs cater to working professionals and busy parents, allowing you to excel academically while juggling other commitments. Gain insights from experienced online learners, navigate virtual classrooms, communicate effectively with instructors and peers, and make the most of online study tools to set yourself up for success.

Tips for Successful Online Learning


Plan & Prepare

  • Create a study calendar with consistent times and places
  • Set boundaries to minimize distractions
  • Embrace flexibility while adapting to changes
  • Identify your support group and find an accountability partner
  • Ensure you have the recommended tech for your classes

Develop Good Study Habits

  • Define personal goals aligned with course learning outcomes
  • Stick to your study calendar to build effective habits
  • Regularly log into your course for updates and assignments
  • Prioritize challenging tasks and engage in discussions
  • Apply what you learn and seek feedback for improvement
  • Quiz yourself to reinforce knowledge

Stay Motivated

  • Foster a relationship with your instructor for guidance
  • Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time-limited)
  • Regularly check progress towards your goals
  • Dedicate time for self-care and disconnecting

Additional Resources

Access our collection of resources and tools designed to support your online learning journey. Explore tips on online communication in Canvas and other Canvas guides, plus time management, test preparation, academic support, advising, career services through the Career Design Center, and reporting concerns or violations.