The A-Team

The A-Team is a group of current students who are hired and specially trained to assist incoming students and their parents through the transition to college. A-Team members are often the first interaction students have with the university, and are ready to step in and help in anyway they can. The overall goal of the A-Team is to integrate new students into Utah State University academically, geographically, and socially. Members of the A-Team have a unique range of personality and skills coupled with a strong and genuine passion for Utah State and the Aggie family.

Each year the A-Team excitedly waits to welcome incoming undergraduate students (new, transfer, and international) to the Aggie family, seeking to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Job Description

A-Team members are the facilitators of campus orientation programs, including New Student Orientation and University Connections. They play a vital role in an incoming student’s experience, and are a very present influence throughout their first year. A-Team members receive training via weekly training sessions held during spring (dates included on mandatory dates list). A-Team members are required to know all policies and procedures of the University. They are prepared to help incoming students and parents as they make their transition to University life. A-Team members often give students their first impression of Utah State, and they play an important role in developing the perception of our University. The information and guidance provided to incoming students plays a key role in the retention and satisfaction of these students and their parents. 

The primary purpose of the A-Team is to ensure the incoming class of students (undergraduate domestic and international, new and transfer) know what they need to know as they prepare to come to USU. This is accomplished through outreach and communication (emails, phone calls, small groups, student appointments, etc.) and assessed through our registration data, semester removed survey, post-orientation survey, orientation benchmarks, and semester-to-semester yield. Their preparedness to do so is evaluated through the weekly A-Team Trainings/Canvas Course formative and summative assessments.

Additionally, the A-Team is designed to provide students with a leadership and development experience that will prepare them for future leadership roles in their community and professional lives.

Job Qualifications
  • At least 1 semester completed at Utah State University with a min. of a 3.0 GPA
  • Enrolled in upcoming Spring and Fall USU Courses
  • Attend all Mandatory Dates/ trainings (provided during application/hiring process)
Things You Will Gain
  • Develop a professional relationship with USU Staff and Faculty.
  • Develop an ability to facilitate group discussions with peers.
  • Increased interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and abilities.
  • A sense of accomplishment and contribution towards the betterment of rising Aggies.

    And much more!
Job Details
  • $10.00 / hr
  • ~ 400 hrs total during the calendar year (spring semester, summer, and fall semester)
    • This includes paid training hours
  • ~ 20-30 positions available

The A-Team is a calendar year position. Hiring takes place each fall for the upcoming calendar year. 2022 hiring has been completed. Check back next fall for 2023 A-Team hiring information.

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