USU Parents & Family Program Mission

To serve families through programming designed to equip parents with resources they need to help their student succeed at Utah State University. We do this by providing Parent Orientation, Parent Publications & Podcasts, and Deferment & Leave of Absence Outreach. We provide parents and families with these resources to promote student success and independence at any stage in their student’s academic career at Utah State University.

Parent & Family Outcomes

To empower parents and families to navigate this new part of their student’s life.
To understand the structure and mission of the university
To assist parents in helping their student to become a learner.
To learn intentional practices and behaviors that parents and families can engage in and not engage in to support their student along their path to becoming an educated person.
To discover the resources that are available for parents to help their student succeed.
To help parents become a part of the Aggie Family.

Parent & Family Big Questions

  1. How can a university education translate into success for my student?
    • What is an educated person
    • How do general education, the major, and the overall student experience help my student become an educated person?
    • How will becoming an educated person help my student flourish personally, civically, and professionally?
  2. How can I intentionally engage in ways that will help my student be successful?
    • What does an intentional college parent look like?
    • How do I best support my student along their path to becoming an educated person? What might interfere?
    • How do I know if my student is being successful?
  3. How do I take advantage of the resources available to both parents and students?
    • What resources are available to parents and college students?
    • How do I balance being an involved parent while helping my student develop or maintain their independence?
    • How can I support my student as they connect to, participate in, and create communities that contribute to success and belonging?