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Leave of Absence and Deferment

Undergraduate students who wish to take a break from their studies for one or more semesters (other than summer semester), for a variety of reasons, must file a Leave of Absence or Deferral form online.

A leave of absence is for students who have already completed a semester or more at USU, and then need to take a break.

A deferral is for students who have not started classes at USU, and need to delay their admission to a future semester. Students who have only completed concurrent enrollment classes will use a deferral to delay their admission.

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USU Deferral and Leave of Absence Tutorials and Checklists

Follow the tutorials below to learn important policies and procedures, receive a simple checklist of things you need to do, and get helpful tips and reminders for a smooth transition. These tutorials are specifically for UNDERGRADUATE students. If you are a graduate student, please contact your department's graduate program coordinator and complete the Leave of Absence/Continuous Registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission is held for the duration of approved leave, so there is no re-application fee, assuming students do not attend another institution while they are away.

Most scholarships awarded by the USU Office of Admission (that have been accepted) can be placed on hold and re-activated upon return (for scholarships awarded by departments, regional campuses, or off-campus entities, students must contact the donor directly to request that their scholarship be placed on hold. In some cases with private scholarships, if a donor can't hold a scholarship, the scholarship office may be able to hold it until your return. Contact the scholarship office in this case at, prior to your departure).

Only pertinent and timely communication from USU will be sent during your leave of absence or deferment. Your application ensures that we are not sending you unnecessary information.

Leave of Absence

For current students who have attended USU a minimum of three weeks or more and plan to take time off from school, drop courses if applicable, and return in a future semester. Leave of Absence requests are submitted via the website.

A student must apply for a leave of absence for a current semester no later than 60 % into the semester.


For students that have received confirmation of USU admission but plan to postpone or defer their beginning semester to a future date. Students can defer their admission up to three times total, but some restrictions apply. Requests for deferment are submitted via the website.

Deferment requests are due no later than the last week of classes (otherwise known as no-test week) of the semester for which the student was initially admitted.

Leave of Absence

The maximum amount of leave allowed is three semesters. However, allowances will be made for those going on military activation, church or humanitarian service, and for those who can document extenuating circumstances. All leave requests must be approved by the Leave of Absence and Deferment staff, which can be reached at 435-797-1132 or


Deferments are generally granted for a total of 1 1/2 years (excluding summer semester). However, they may be granted for up to two years for those participating in official assignments such as military, church, or humanitarian service. If requesting a deferment for more than 1 1/2 years, the student must submit an official letter of assignment and/or other documentation. All deferment requests must be approved by the leave of absence and deferment staff, which can be reached at 435-797-1132 or

Since students who are deferring their admission have not attended USU before, they will need to complete New Student Orientation AFTER they return. You will pay your orientation fee only AFTER you return as well.

Academic Advising

We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor before leaving to obtain a list of recommended courses to take upon return. You should contact your academic advisor for advice regarding which classes you should register for. A list of advisors by major, and their contact information may be found at USU Advising.

Double check your academic standing, to ensure that you have no holds, or fees that would prohibit you from applying.

Assign a Delegate

Ideally, you should identify a parent or guardian as a delegate at This process authorizes university officials to share information about your record with your delegate. Please note that without this delegation, by federal privacy laws (FERPA), we cannot share anything other than "directory information" (name, address, major, class rank). HOWEVER, if you are claimed as a dependent on your parents federal income taxes, then your parents may file a Parent Declaration of Student Dependency delegation form, which would grant them access to your information. Please see for more details about FERPA.

Your USU Strong Password will expire in 1 year, and will need to be updated accordingly at

Keep on File

If you have assigned a delegate for yourself while away, gather the following information for your delegate and have them keep it where it can be easily accessed:

  • A-number (Student ID Number)
  • Secure password
  • Security phrase
  • Access to your preferred email (for password recovery)
  • Leave of Absence contact information: , and 435-797-1132
  • Adviser's name, phone number, and email address
  • Adviser's checklist (List of classes suggested that you should take upon return)
  • Information regarding your desired housing including application and payment deadlines

Keep in mind that registration for summer semester is in early April, fall semester is in mid-April,and spring semester is in mid-November (approximately).

With very few exceptions, students who are attending another institution may not take a leave of absence. They must completely withdraw and apply for readmission. Students are encouraged to discuss possible exceptions with an academic advisor.

A student must apply for a leave of absence for a current semester no later than the last day of classes for that semester. USU's dropping courses policy explains how a leave of absence will affect a student's transcript.


You do not defer financial aid but rather complete the application process when you will begin attending USU. The application for financial aid begins in January for the following academic year, and must be applied for each year.

If you are a recipient of federal financial aid and then you take a leave of absence during the semester, you have to repay what you received, according to the repayment of federal funds policy outlined on the financial aid website. If you start your leave of absence after the term, then you are not subject to the policy.

Note: If you are taking a leave of absence during a semester you received financial aid, you may be at risk of financial aid warning or suspension. So be sure to double check with federal financial aid first!


USU Admissions Scholarships: If you are deferring your Utah State University Admissions scholarship, it needs to be accepted by the acceptance deadline printed on the scholarship award letter. Only officially accepted awards will be held. In 3-4 weeks you will receive confirmation of your request, OR you will be notified why it cannot be held, from the USU Scholarship Office.

Off-Campus Scholarships: You will need to contact the awarding company directly.

USU College or Department Scholarships: You will need to contact the awarding USU college or department directly.

Yes. By completing the form you will be notifying USU that you have transferred and then we can adjust our communication with you accordingly.

A graduate leave of absence, during which neither continuous registration or a $100 payment is required, may be granted under the following conditions:

  1. Illness, required military service, or other extenuating circumstances acceptable to the department head and the graduate dean.
  2. Lack of availability of courses in a planned Regional Campuses and Distance Education program.
  3. Participation in a planned program based primarily on summer semester courses.

For either 2 or 3, the student must have an approved Program of Study on file in the School of Graduate Studies before a leave will be granted.

A leave of absence must be approved by the graduate dean, upon written recommendation of the department head. A leave of absence may be the basis for extending the time limit to complete a degree, but not to extend the time limit for course validity.

Please contact your department’s Graduate Program Coordinator and complete the Leave of Absence/Continuous Registration form

International students must contact the office of Global Engagement located in Military Science 115, by phone at 435-797-1124 or by email at or

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions!

Registrars - Leave of Absence Office
(435) 797-1132