Confirm Your Enrollment

We are excited that you are committing to Utah State University and look forward to having you join the Aggie family!

$200 Enrollment Deposit (applies to your first semester bill)

All incoming undergraduate students pay a nonrefundable $200 enrollment deposit to confirm their intent to enroll at Utah State. This allows the university to project the right number of classes and resources for the coming year. The deposit covers:
  • $50 New Student Services fee
  • $150 prepayment of tuition and fees for your first semester

Paying the Enrollment Deposit:

  • Secures your spot at USU.
  • Allows you to begin orientation and register for classes once those processes open.
  • Accepts USU scholarships offered by the Admissions Office (if paid by the scholarship acceptance deadline for a given semester).
    • This process excludes federal aid and the Utah State Promise, which must be accepted separately at
  • Allows you to sign a contract for on-campus housing on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fall Semester
(students beginning August 2024)
Opens Oct 2

Summer Semester
(students beginning May-July 2024)
Opens Oct 2

Spring Semester
(students beginning January 2024)
Pay Deposit

Postponing the Deposit for Financial Hardship

We are committed to providing access to our incoming students. A deposit postponement, granted in cases of financial hardship, allows you to confirm your enrollment without paying the deposit and accepts USU scholarships offered by the Admissions Office. If you are approved to postpone, you will pay the deposit as part of your first bill after your financial aid has been disbursed. A $50 new student services fee will be added to the first semester bill. Note: International students are not able to postpone their deposit, except for student athletes with an aid agreement.

Postpone Enrollment Deposit

Exceptions to the Enrollment Deposit


Students who do not need to pay the enrollment deposit:

  • Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Non-degree seeking and workforce development students.
  • Students pursuing only a technical education (TE) certificate.

Students who do not need to pay the enrollment deposit but should submit the deposit postponement form: 

A $50 new student services fee will be added to the first semester’s bill.

  • Veterans using Chapter 31 or 33 VA benefits.
  • Students using Vocational Rehab to pay for schooling.
  • NCAA/NJCAA athletes who have signed an athletic aid agreement.


If you defer your admission to a future semester, you have the option to pay the nonrefundable enrollment deposit now, which will streamline your enrollment in the future. Otherwise, you can pay it prior to your first semester. If you pay the nonrefundable deposit now, we will hold it until your return.

Yes, paying the deposit will confirm your attendance for the semester you plan to begin at USU.

Scholarship and financial aid recipients should still pay the $200 deposit as a commitment to USU. If this represents a financial hardship, they may submit a postponement. If you pay the deposit and your scholarship and financial aid covers more than you owe, you will be issued a refund during the first week of classes.

Refer to the Postponing the Deposit for Financial Hardship section on this webpage.

The enrollment deposit can only be paid online. If your card is being rejected, we suggest trying a new or incognito browser, using a different card, or contacting your bank to ask why the transaction is being declined.

You will receive a confirmation email after paying the deposit. You will also be allowed to begin New Student Orientation and sign an on-campus housing contract.

The $50 New Student Services Fee shows up as a separate charge on your account but will be paid by your $200 deposit. This will take place in June 2023 for fall 2023 semester. You do not need to pay that $50 fee separately at this time.

Payment of the deposit is only available online.

If you have an athletic aid agreement, you should postpone the deposit using the postponement form, and indicate that you are an athlete with an aid agreement. All other athletes are required to pay the enrollment deposit (or postpone it in cases of financial need).

Deposit Deadlines

Priority Deposit Deadlines

  • Summer/Fall Semesters: April 1
  • Spring Semester: November 1

Paying your deposit before the priority deadline gives you early access to sign a contract for on-campus housing, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. On-campus housing fills quickly and spaces are not guaranteed. The priority deposit deadline is also the date you need to begin orientation so you can register for classes the day registration opens.

Scholarship Acceptance Deadlines:

  • Summer/Fall Semesters: May 1
  • Spring Semester: December 1

Scholarships may be canceled if a student has not confirmed their enrollment by the acceptance deadline or the deadline provided on the award notice. Confirm your enrollment by paying or postponing the deposit, or deferring your admission.