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Lost and Found

  • All items that are lost on the Aggie Shuttle are turned into the USU Parking and Transportation office at the end of the shuttle driver's shift. If you have lost something you may contact us during business hours.


  • Can I charter a shuttle?

    • Yes. Aggie Shuttle offers Charter Bus Services with 32 & 40 foot buses. Please give a 7 day advance notice. All buses are equipped for people with disabilities.
    • Shuttles cannot run out of State.
    • They are available on the weekends.

    Does the shuttle run in the summer?

    • No. The last day of finals spring semester is the last day the shuttle runs until the first day of fall semester.
    • Chartered shuttles are available in the summer.

    How many shuttles are on a route?

    How much does it cost to ride the shuttle?

    Where is the shuttle currently?

The Aggie Shuttle is a fare free service provided to the Utah State University community. It uses Natural Gas to provide a cleaner and more environmentally friendly way to transport students, faculty, staff and visitors. When you come to campus please take the opportunity to enjoy a ride on one of our Aggie Shuttles!

Charter Bus Services

USU colleges and departments are encouraged to use Aggie Shuttle buses for chartered services around the state of Utah. Please contact the Aggie Shuttle staff for assistance in arranging your travel. Aggie Shuttle can only provide charter services for university business for USU departments.

Advertise on the Shuttle

Do you need to reach out to nearly everyone in our campus community? Get your message out by advertising on the Aggie Shuttle. With nearly 2 million riders per year, you can easily speak to a broad campus audience.

Why Advertise on the Aggie Shuttle?

  • No other form of advertising will help you deliver your message to your target college audience as effectively as advertising on the Aggie Shuttle
  • Advertising on the Aggie Shuttle will reach more people per dollar invested than any other medium on the USU campus. It works hard all day, every day, and at a fraction of the cost of other methods
  • It builds product/service awareness within days
  • It's high visibility and constant repetition means greater advertising impact
  • For high visibility, constant repetition and cost effectiveness- Aggie Shuttle Advertising delivers

Quick Facts about the Aggie Shuttle

  • The Aggie Shuttle services a daily average of nearly 7,000 people
  • 1 million rides serviced on the Aggie Shuttle each year
  • Currently, 10 shuttles are in service daily with advertising space available
  • We have 5 fixed routes that operate Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM and an evening route running from 5 PM to 10 PM

How it Works

  • The design of Aggie Shuttle Advertising will be the responsibility of individual businesses
  • All advertisements must be in 17" x 11" landscape digital format and submitted by e-mail or disk
  • We will have the advertisements printed in high-quality color
  • We will be responsible for installation and removal of advertisements
  • Advertisements may be changed as often as desired
  • Advertisements may be displayed separately or together to create a 34" x 11" ad
  • All advertisements will be approved by both the Aggie Shuttle marketing coordinator and the individual businesses before printing and installation

For more information about advertising on the Aggie Shuttle email Austin Kleven or call (435) 797-3470.

Aggie Shuttle CDL Training

Prospective Aggie Shuttle drivers can sign up for CDL Training with our certified training staff. Select one of the staff members below to schedule training sessions.

Certified CDL Trainers