Graduation Eligibility

To apply for graduation as an undergraduate, you have to meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Earn a 2.0 GPA
  • Be admitted into an eligible program
  • Earn minimum required credit hours: 
    • 9 for certificates
    • 45 for associate degrees
    • 75 for bachelor's degrees
View your profile to check your GPA, credit hours earned, and see if your program/curriculum is up to date.

Associate Degrees

If you wish to graduate with an associate degree, visit the Advising website for full information regarding advising, course requirements, and graduation eligibility.

In order to apply to graduate with an Associate's Degree, you need to request that it be added as part of your program/curriculum. You can submit your request for an associate's degree or certificate online.

Graduate Students

Please refer to the Degree Completion page for graduate application deadlines and details for each plan type. Meet with your graduate program coordinator (GPC) for assistance. 

2nd Bachelor Degrees

Any undergraduate or concurrent student who wants to pay undergraduate tuition for a course, and have that course applied to a graduate degree, needs to submit a split form after they apply for graduation.