IVC Usage Policy

Since 2007 Utah State University has implemented a statewide broadcast delivery system which allows USU to deliver undergraduate and graduate degrees to technology-equipped locations around the state. The IVC technology represents a significant investment by the university, the Utah Education Network, and the Utah State Legislature and is meant to support academic delivery. Additionally, USU uses the technology for purposes associated with the administration of academic programs and system-wide communication between USU Statewide Campuses and centers.

Periodically, AIS will be approached by entities in and outside the USU system to use the IVC technology for various reasons. Due to tremendous growth at USU Statewide Campuses and centers as well as the high cost of supporting the technology AIS is limited in its capacity to honor such requests. Therefore, AIS has established the following criteria for determining use and associated charges for its IVC technology:

Governing Priority Schedule for IVC Technology Use

  1. USU academic programs and courses delivered through IVC.
    In most cases, technology use and support is covered by separate agreements with USU departments.
  2. Events for academic administrators and faculty related to programs delivered to Statewide Campuses (i.e. administrative meetings, department meetings, faculty-student communications).
    USU has partnered with departments and colleges on campus to provide appropriate IVC locations for these events. Normally, scheduling and technology support will be provided without charge at these locations.
  3. Events sponsored by USU units which support the statewide mission of the university (i.e. Provost Lecture Series, faculty senate, student services).
    This may include intra-institutional communication between USU campuses (e.g. USU-Eastern Price and USU Logan). In most cases, statewide scheduling and technology support will be provided without charge for these events as a service to the university system.
  4. All other events
    USU will charge $50.00 per hour at the origination site for these events. This charge will be used to pay for the use of the technology, technology support, and scheduling (if USU provides only a portion of these services, a lower amount may be charged). Charges may also apply for each receiving location.

Examples of “other” events include: academic related events not delivered as Statewide programs or courses; events for non-USU academic institutions or individuals not associated with USU academic programs; events supported by grants or outside sources of funding; events associated with other state, public or private entities.

Note: Conflicts with priority #1 events can often be avoided by scheduling meetings during the morning hours, or on Fridays. There is limited capacity on the Utah Education Network to accommodate all requests for IVC. Use of the network and technology will be carefully monitored. As technologies change, and opportunities expand for IVC use, USU will continue to evaluate its policy to ensure adequate resources are available for academic program delivery.