Individual IVC Connection Policy

USU uses Zoom to allow participants to join a USU IVC (Internet Video Conference) event from a personal computer rather than in a classroom.

For students who are unable to participate during the scheduled course time, due to illness or travel, the instructor can:

  1. Provide supplemental content online.
  2. Record the broadcast using My Media. (NOTE: Not all origination rooms are  enabled to support recording. The instructor should confirm with their local center technical support.)
  3. Arrange for the student to attend the course from a USU Center by contacting

For connecting guest speakers or students who cannot connect from an IVC room:

  1. Obtain approval to connect remotely. Instructors need approval from their Department Head. Students need approval from their instructor and the department head.
  2. The request and the above approvals must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the class or event to
  3. The individual must verify they have sufficient system requirements, including a location with sufficient bandwidth and dedicated technology/network support (for firewall adjustments). These applications are typically not approved for hotel or in-home use.
  4. Schedule a successful test connection from the same location and using the same hardware that will be used for the actual event.

The USU scheduling team will work with USU campuses and students for approval, logistical and technology support for these applications. For information or assistance email or call 435-797-7009.

Connection Guidelines

When connecting to a class using the above technologies, it's important to remember that you are on camera and visible to other students. Help minimize class disruptions and ensure a positive experience for everyone by following the guidelines below:

  • Mute the microphone when not speaking to reduce background noise in the class.
  • Limit the amount of distractions in the room like animals, other people, tv, etc.
  • Connect from a private room (home office or bedroom).
  • Keep the area in view of the camera clean and professional by removing clutter, distracting posters, etc.
  • Use an appropriate office/desk chair, facing the camera, with sufficient lighting (not lying in bed or on a couch, or sitting in the dark).
  • Dress as if you are attending class in person (no pajamas).
  • Food and drink should be kept to a minimum.