Section Code Definitions

Course section codes generally follow the logic outlined below and help identify the type of course as well as its location and delivery method.

Logan, Price, & Blanding

Logan Campus
001-099 Face-to-Face
501-550 Lab/Recitation
570-599 Study Abroad

Statewide Campuses & Statewide

Regional campus and statewide courses use a system where the individual digits specify something about the course location or delivery method. The tables below show how this works. See Delivery Method Definitions for more details. 

Campus Code

A Blanding
B Brigham City
C Southwest
E Moab
G Moab - CTE
I Online, Virtual, Arranged
J Blanding - CTE
M Main Campus
N Orem
O Kaysville
P Price
Q Price - CTE
S Salt Lake
T Tooele
U Uintah Basin
Y China Program
Z Out-of-State

Delivery Method

6 BATC (operated by Brigham)
B Connect
C Concurrent Enrollment
L Lab
O Online
S Arranged
T Traditional / Face-to-Face 
W Virtual

Section Number

1-9 Any alpha-numeric character except 0

The last character in the section code is assigned incrementally when the course is built.

Campus Code
Delivery Method
Section Number