Grades can be entered directly through Banner or transferred to Banner from Canvas. The Banner Faculty Grade Entry tutorial goes into depth of various features and important tools to make it easier. All grades must be submitted within 96 hours of the course’s final examination, excluding weekends. Once submitted, the only way to change a grade is by completing the change of grade form. You can also read the university’s documented grading policy.

Grade Entry Details

A grade must be entered for each student on your list prior to the deadline. In the scenario a student has chosen the Pass (P) D+,D, F option, the original grade still needs to be entered and will automatically be converted on the student’s transcript. If there is an error submitting a grade through Canvas, please make the submission directly through Banner.

If a student did not complete your course and earned a failing grade, an "F" grade should be assigned. Do not leave blanks. When entering an "F" grade, you must enter the “Last Attend Date.” This date is defined as the last date a student participates in any academically related activity, such as submitting assignments, taking exams or quizzes, attending labs, study sessions, or tutorials. Students who stop attending or participating before 60 percent of the semester is complete may be required to repay federal financial aid.

Students are expected to complete all courses for which they are registered by the end of the semester, unless they have extenuating circumstances such as illness, death in the family, job or court obligations, or emergencies approved by the instructor. A student may petition the instructor for extra time and receive an "I" (incomplete) grade, with a deadline for completion agreed between the student and instructor (maximum 12 months). Incomplete grade requests can be submitted using the form in ServiceNow. For more information about incomplete grades, please see the USU policy in the General Catalog

The grade of NF (Non-Participation) is given when a student's name appears on your roster, but there is no record of attendance or other evidence of participation in the course.  The NF grade is treated as an F grade in calculating grade point averages.

When Grades are Posted and Rolled

Throughout the semester, submitted grades roll to Academic History daily at approximately 5 p.m. All submitted grades are finalized once the roll occurs. Only submit final grades.