Certificates Of Insurance

Online Certificate of Insurance Request

Non-Utah State University entities, commonly referred to as 3rd Parties, may periodically request evidence that USU employees, property, programs or activities are insured by providing them a certificate of insurance. We will arrange to provide certificates of insurance upon your request.

In order to have a certificate issued, please complete Certificate of Insurance Request Form and submit it to USU Risk Management.

  1. Certificate Holder/3rd Party Requestor - the non-USU entity that is requesting USU provide them with proof of insurance
    • The required fields are actually required.  The Utah Division of Risk Management and WCF and require this information before they will process a request.
    • If there is a contract between the Utah State University and the outside entity, please attach it. We need to review the insurance and indemnification language of the contract.
  2. Types - the types of insurance and coverage amounts will be specified in the contract/agreement.  Look through the contract/agreement  for insurance and/or indemnity sections.  The following list shows the types of insurance carried by USU.  If you need a type that is not on the list, please contact USU Risk Management at 435-797-1951.
    • General Liability
    • Automobile Liability
    • Property
    • Professional Liability
    • Errors and Omissions
    • Workers Compensation
  3. Additional Insured - If the certificate holders is asking to be additional insured, this will be clearly stated in the insurance section of the contract.
    • Risk Management requires that you include a copy of the contract/agreement with your request any time the certificate holder asks to be additional insured, but it is also a good practice to include a copy of the contract/agreement whenever you are requesting a certificate.
  4. Loss Payee - If the certificate holder is asking to be named as loss payee, it will be clearly stated in the insurance section of the contract/agreement.

We will attempt to comply with reasonable requests made by outside entities, but it may not be possible in some cases to comply with their requests. The Utah Division of Risk Management and WCF are responsible for approving the certificates at their discretion.  Certificates will not be approved for insurance types not provided by the Utah Division of Risk Management or WCF.  Total coverage and coverage amounts may be limited by exclusions and the Utah Governmental Immunity Act.  Typically, if you provide us with sufficient advance notice, we can work through these issues and get you the coverage you need.

Once we have received all of the above information from you, it can take 15-20 business days to have a certificate of insurance sent to an outside entity.

If you have trouble with the online certificate request form, please email kate.drake@usu.edu.