Driver's Training

All employees or volunteers who operate University automobiles, or their own automobiles on University business must complete an approved driving course every 2 years.

Driver Training Procedure:

  1. Go to the USU ILS System
    • Because you must be enrolled as a driver both with Utah Division of Risk Management and the Utah Division of Fleet Operations, it is important that you use this link. 
    • If this is your first time logging in to the Utah Learning Portal, you will be asked to create an account. Most of the information requested to create the account will make sense, but please make sure to select MST (GMT-007) as your time zone and use "usu" as your security keyword.
  2. Take the online test.
    • A certificate of completion will be emailed to you.  Please be sure to check your email (including your Junk mail) for the certificate as you will need to upload it as part of the final step of the training.
  3. Enter your driver's license number, state of issue, expiration date, and class when asked.
  4. Attach your certificate of completion to the final module of the course and hit submit.
    • USU Risk Management will review and then approve your submission once you have been entered into the State Fleet database.
  5. If you've followed those steps correctly, you should be okay to drive for USU.


Every driver of a automobile for University related purposes must possess a valid and appropriate license to operate the type of automobile involved.

Valid licenses for the State of Utah include:

  • Valid licenses from any state of the USA.
  • An international license. Valid out of country licenses plus the international license must be obtained in the resident country.
  • Licenses from Canada and Mexico, but only for sixty days.

Students from other states are not required to obtain a Utah driver's license unless and until they take any action that constitutes residency, i.e., obtaining employment (including USU employment), buying a residence or property, sending children to Utah schools, etc. Bona fide tourists from foreign countries have one year's grace from the above requirements unless they take action which changes that status, such as accepting employment or attending school anywhere in the U.S. Persons, other than bona fide tourists, in state for more than sixty days must obtain a Utah license.

A Commercial Driver License is required for:

  • A vehicle designed to transport more than 15 persons (including the driver). Use of 12 or 15 passenger vans is prohibited by the Vehicle Use Policy.
  • A single vehicle with a gross automobile weight rate (GVWR) of more than 26,000 pounds.
  • A trailer with a GVWR of more than 10,000 pounds if the gross combination weight is more than 26,000 pounds.
  • Any size vehicle which requires hazardous materials placards.
  • Any size vehicle used as a school bus.