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It is a crucial time at Utah State University to educate students of their role in ensuring a safe campus community. SAAVI offers several presentations you can request for your group, club or class. 

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Consent is About Respect: Navigating Consent in Real Life

This presentation covers how USU defines sexual consent. More importantly, this presentation asks participants to put themselves in various scenarios where consent must be navigated.

Healthy Relationships: Building and Sustaining

Covers the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships so that students can better identify them within their own life.

Love Yourself Because You Owe it to Yourself

In a world where we are consistently influenced by those around us, how do we figure out who we truly are? This presentation is meant to help you answer that question and feel empowered to become your authentic self. 

Online Dating: How to do so Safely

We are seeing a rise in individuals turning to online platforms to find their perfect match. Unfortunately, none of us have given guidelines on how to do so. This presentation informs students of how to navigate the online world as well as what resources are available for them.

Start by Believing: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct

Victims who are met with support and empathy are more likely to report a sexual assault, and victims are more likely to disclose to a friend or roommate than anyone else. This presentation covers how to respond if someone discloses to you that they have experienced an assault.

How to Break-Up Like an Adult

The reality is, not every relationship is going to be our 'Happily Ever After'. This presentation provides an empowering approach to ending a relationship in a healthy, respectful manner.

A Culture of Violence: Shifting the Narrative

This presentation takes an in-depth look at the elements in our society that contribute to a culture of violence. Topics include; gender norms, media, victim-blaming, and language.

SAAVI General

This presentation is a brief overview of the services SAAVI provides and how individuals can connect with us!

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