College of Science Perpetual Motivator Award

Do you know a College of Science staff or faculty member who has gone the extra mile to advance our college’s efforts and, by doing so, builds momentum that motivates others toward an ongoing chain of positive outcomes?

Please nominate this outstanding motivator for the college’s Perpetual Motivator Award. This honor recognizes college employees for a broad range of efforts, that often go unnoticed, in helping students, fellow employees and our community. While generously serving others, these employees motivate us all to create an encouraging, inclusive and inspiring college environment. 

All College of Science employees are eligible for this award, and generous nominations are encouraged. Nominations are continually accepted throughout the year. All honorees will be recognized at the college’s annual Awards Banquet.

Nominate an Awardee:

To nominate someone, simply identify the employee by name, write a few sentences about why the employee deserves recognition and send the nomination to Traci Hillyard in the College of Science Dean’s Office at