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2005 Interior Design Graduate Garners Prestigious National Award

The American Society of Interior Designers recently announced that Utah State University graduate Lindsey Hendricks was this year's winner of the Yale R. Burge Award. The award recipient competed with hundreds of other senior interior design students from throughout the United States, with one winner selected. Five certificates of excellence were also awarded.
"Lindsey is detail driven and always committed to her design work as she tackled each project," said Tom Peterson, head of the interior design program at Utah State. "Her work went beyond what many would consider required. She always raised the bar and took her projects to the next level — perfection of her craft was paramount and it took front and center in her life."
The ASID Educational Foundation/Yale R. Burge Competition is open to all students in their final year of undergraduate study of interior design. The competition is juried by professional interior designers and is an evaluation of a graduating student's interior design portfolio.
Interior design at USU is a very demanding course of study, and while Lindsey rose to the top, there are many students like her, striving to be the best, Peterson said.
Read more about Utah State's interior design program in the full news release in Utah State Today's archives.
Lindsey Hendricks

Lindsey Hendricks, a graduate of Utah State's interior design program, won the Yale R. Burge Award, a prestigious national award.


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