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A Message from USUSA President Sami Ahmed

Dear USU Students,

The death of George Floyd has angered many across the nation and in our community. This tragic event stands as a dark reminder of the colossal work that still lays ahead of us when it comes to combating systemic racism. It is deeply disturbing to see the level of animosity and detestation some individuals have toward others simply because they are different. 

I am deeply saddened by the death of George Floyd. Along with many fellow Aggies, my thoughts and prayers are with the Floyd family. At this tragic time, I, along with every other student leader at Utah State University, want to redeclare our commitment to creating an inclusive campus atmosphere. The Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) is here to serve all students. Neither racism nor any other form of discrimination will be tolerated in any of our campus communities. A crucial part of being an Aggie is having the spirit of inclusiveness, support, and understanding of all people no matter our differences. No individual can call themselves a True Aggie without exhibiting all of these qualities. 

During this difficult time, if you are a student, please know that I and all other USUSA leaders are here for each and every one of you. I encourage all USU students to contact their elected student leaders if you have any concerns. Contact information is available at

Your social, mental, and physical well-being really are our most important concerns. Resources to help you can be found at


Sami Ahmed
Student Body President


Sami Ahmed
Utah State University Student Association


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