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Aggies Abroad: Winners Announced for 2023 USU Field Season Photo Contest

By Lael Gilbert |

This photo of a bird of prey taking off won first place in USU's university-wide photo contest. Utah Water Lab Marketing & PR Coordinator Alyssa Regis took the photo while on vacation in Oregon. (Photo Credit: Alyssa Regis)

This year’s university-wide photo contest drew a remarkable range of submissions — from stunning landscapes to world travel adventures to close-up views of the natural world at work.

Aggies showcased their summer experiences camping, hiking, on the road, working in labs and on the range, and in one case, hanging out with U.S. President Joe Biden.

See a gallery of the photo entries from this year’s contest.

The event, sponsored by the Quinney College of Natural Resources (QCNR) and University Marketing and Communications, illustrates the incredible range of experience that students, faculty and staff had during their summer season, as well as their skill in recording it on camera.

Judges for this year’s contest included undergraduate and graduate students, faculty with field experience, and professional photographers. Winners were chosen based on five categories: landscapes, wildlife, people, in-focus (closeups) and a category that organizers called “Awesome, Awkward and Amazing” to capture the serendipitous moments contestants found by luck, skill or coincidence.

This year’s overall winner, Alyssa Regis, from USU’s Water Research Lab, captured the moment a stunning bird of prey launched from a gnarled snag during a vacation in Oregon. Second-place winner Evan Hult, from QCNR, caught a mountain biker flying through the air at a spectacular angle, and third-place winner, Will Munger from QCNR, featured a rider on horseback moving across a scenic mountain landscape in sundrenched color.

“These photos are a remarkable reflection of the way USU students and staff move through the world, learning and researching and enriching their lives,” said university photographer Levi Sim, who judged entries and led a photography skills workshop in preparation for the contest. “The photos they made show the variety of work we do here. I'm glad to have seen more of the world through these perspectives.”

Winning photos will be featured this year on university materials and campus screens.

This photo of an airborne mountain biker won second place in USU's 2023 university-wide photo contest. (Photo Credit: Evan Hult)

This photo of a rider on horseback won third place in USU's 2023 university-wide photo contest. (Photo Credit: Will Munger)

Van travel the Delegermurun River Valley in summer 2023. USU doctoral student Evan Holt took this photo during his field work in Northern Mongolia and submitted it to this year's university-wide photo contest. (Photo Credit: Evan Holt)

A statue of the Greek god Poseidon stands on a small island about 150 meters off the shore of Puerto Plata. Keffrey Stellway took this photo while honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in summer 2023 and submitted it to this year's university-wide photo contest. (Photo Credit: Keffrey Stellway)


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