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Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Emily White |

Fear spreads faster than viruses do. If you don’t know that by now, you probably never will. It is clear anxiety is running high in Logan. People are running to grocery stores to stock up on toilet paper and canned food. But why?

This anxiety might be irrational, but that’s okay! Anxiety is hardly ever rational. No matter what you’re anxious about, I hope this article helps you find a way to cope through the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The shift from in-person classes to online classes will prove to be a difficult one. Students at Utah State University have expressed concerns about taking their classes online for the rest of the semester.

“I was already checked out of school mentally and now I have more reasons to not do school,” said Malia Twede, a USU sophomore. “I’m worried nothing is going to get done and I won’t learn anything.”

Freshman Brinley Crouch agrees with Twede.

“My motivation to do homework for online classes is significantly less than my motivation was to do homework before,” Crouch said.

In short, there’s a reason most students choose to not take online classes. 

One way you can help decrease your worries about online school is to create a new schedule for yourself. Structure is the best way to fight anxiety. Start your day with a to-do list or plan out a new routine that you can follow every day. Planning out your day in advance will help ease any anxiety you’re feeling. 

You can also set a time to work out. Even though the Aggie Recreation Center is closed, you can still get your work out in. You can still go outside, so take time to go on a hike or a run around Logan. Nothing helps your mental health more than getting outside and pushing yourself.

Working out is a great way to start your day or take a break from school work. 

Something else that can help with the switch to online schooling would be to take breaks. Never underestimate the impact of the 10-minute break you normally get when walking between classes. After finishing a class’s worth of lecture and homework, take a walk, make a snack, call a friend or watch 10 minutes of Netflix. 

Finally, it’s important for you as a student to stay focused on your work. There are several great resources you can use to help yourself focus. I recommend getting the forest app or Flora (a focus habit tracker). These are great apps that will help you focus on your school work. They act as simple timers that include breaks after 20 minutes of focusing. Music can also prove to be a helpful tool. Try playing music without lyrics while studying. Classical music is my go to, especially classical piano music. 

Your motivation may be plummeting and your anxiety may be rising, but have no fear! Remember, there is power in a solid schedule. Planning out your days can help you chill out. Don’t forget to get your body moving every day. Get outside! Take breaks in between online class work. Do your best to stay focused. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start journaling either: you’re living history! In the meantime, keep on keeping on.

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