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Cyber Safety: USU Replacing Duo with Microsoft Multifactor Authentication

By Marcus Jensen |

To better protect against cyberattacks and better protect sensitive data, USU will now use Microsoft Multifactor Authentication. (Credit: Levi Sim)

LOGAN, Utah — To better defend against social engineering cyberattacks and more effectively safeguard sensitive data, Utah State University is replacing Duo with Microsoft Multifactor Authentication. This authentication method will help the university safeguard data while better complying with federal and state regulatory requirements.

“Most schools in the Utah System of Higher Education have either already implemented this system or are in the process now,” said Eric Hawley, USU chief information officer. “We encourage everyone to begin using this system as soon as possible.”

USU faculty, staff, emeriti and student employees are encouraged to opt-in through ServiceNow at a time convenient for them. After opting in and downloading the Microsoft MFA Authentication app, USU has set up a website to guide users through the process of completing their account.

All university employees will be required to make this change in August and are encouraged to complete the process ahead of time, at their own convenience. A full step-by-step process and answers to frequently asked questions can be found by visiting

Multi-factor authentication is a method that requires users to provide two or more verification factors in order to gain access to resources such as an application, online account, or a VPN. This provides additional security by requiring a second form of verification, while being easy to use.

Several benefits of this new service include significantly reducing or eliminating MFA fatigue attacks, better meeting USU cybersecurity insurance requirements and the ability to go passwordless.

The service is now also open for use by USU students, which gives them the same benefits of added account security and data protection, and the ability to access accounts without the need for passwords that need to be changed on a regular basis.

Sign-up for the service takes only a few minutes. The USU IT Service Desk and assigned technical support professionals are available for users who need help with any of the steps.


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Eric Hawley
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