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Engineering Networking Conference Connects Students with Industry

SPAC is open to all students. Conference sessions cover professional development topics.

NOTICE: All university events have been canceled through Wednesday, April 8, in order to prevent COVID-19 from appearing and spreading in campus communities throughout the state. For more information, visit:

The Utah State University chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE, will host its annual Student-Professional Awareness Conference on March 14.

The conference, known as SPAC, is a catalyst for connecting students with industry and better preparing them for a future career in engineering. Organizers say the goal of SPAC is to increase professional awareness among engineering students.

Last year, more than 100 engineering students and top innovators from various fields of engineering participated in the conference. 

“We are building on a legacy of supporting students as they prepare for successful careers in STEM,” said Sam Christensen, IEEE chair. “This year will feature workshops, panels, networking and prizes. We encourage students to register so they can experience this great opportunity and to learn skills that will build their career.”

Conference workshops include technical discussions by industry innovators, Arduino programming and soldering, patent law and printed circuit board design.

“The workshops help students become more familiar with industry-related skills, tools and knowledge,” said Logan Voigt, IEEE SPAC chair. “SPAC gives students a chance to apply what’s being taught in class and be introduced to what is not. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and to network with companies.” 

Speakers from the Space Dynamics Lab, L3Harris and Electric Power Systems are scheduled to attend SPAC 2020.The conference will take place from 9 a.m.–2:30 p.m. on March 14. All college and high school students are encouraged to attend. Opening events take place in the the Perry Pavillion on the fourth floor of the Huntsman Hall. Free parking is available in the brown parking lot south of the Huntsman Hall or anywhere else on campus. Other events will take place throughout campus. For information, contact Sam Christensen at

Registration information available at

SPAC offers a variety of hands-on workshops on topics including cubesats, Linux, Raspberry Pi hardware, printed circuit board design and more.


Logan Voigt
USU student and USU IEEE SPAC chair
College of Engineering


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