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Fifteen USU Professors earn ETE 10 Teaching Certificates

By Marcus Jensen |

15 Utah State University professors have earned certificates after completing Empowering Teaching Excellence professional learning pathways, including five professors receiving both certificates. The ETE 10 program is aligned with USU’s mission statement, fostering the principle that academics come first. This voluntary program, sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services (AIS), is designed for all USU faculty, staff and students with a teaching role at the university who are interested in the continual improvement of teaching and learning.

“ETE 10 was essential as I prepared for and taught during a highly unprecedented semester,” said Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Chris Babits, who received the Teaching Scholar Certificate. “The program motivated me to learn as much as possible about instructional technology and online teaching. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my own practice, too, since timely feedback from Travis [Thurston] and Shelley [Arnold] meant that I could implement meaningful changes in my courses in order to improve the learning experience for students.”

Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or micro-credentials, designed in a three-tiered framework based on documentation of teaching improvement activities, and can earn two culminating certificates. These certificates can be used as evidence of one’s commitment to ongoing teaching improvement and dedication to student success. Awarded certificates included the Teaching Scholar Certificate, the Master Teacher Certificate, and some earning the emphasis on the Foundations of College Teaching track.

“Right now, students are eager for personal interaction and challenging opportunities to grow,” said Extension Assistant Professor Karl Hoopes, who earned the Teaching Scholar Certificate with the Foundation of College Teaching emphasis. “These courses include teaching applied knowledge to gain wisdom.”

Those who participate in the ETE 10 program earn badges and certificates as they focus on teaching excellence. The badges are earned after engaging in instructional development, implementing evidence-based strategies into their classrooms, and contributing back to the teaching and learning community here at USU. The badges and certificates build upon each other or stack, with 10 badges for the Teaching Scholar Certificate leading into 10 additional badges to earn the Master Teacher Certificate.

Teaching Scholar Certificate Recipients:

  • Chris Babits (Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow - Department of History)
  • Noelle Beckman (Assistant Professor - Department of Biology)
  • Marilyn Cuch* (Lecturer - Teacher Education and Leadership)
  • Karin DeJonge-Kannan (Principal Lecturer of Linguistics - Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Department)
  • Wayne Hatch (Associate Professor - Department of Biology)
  • Daniel Holland (Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy - Marketing and Strategy Department)
  • Karl Hoopes* (Extension Assistant Professor - Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences)
  • Eric LaMalfa (Assistant Professor - Wildland Resources)
  • Lauren Lucas (Lecturer and Lab Coordinator - Department of Biology)
  • Shawn Miller (Lecturer - Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Heloisa Rutigliano (Research Assistant Professor - Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences)
  • Nate Trauntvein (Assistant Professor - Kinesiology & Health Science)
  • Lianne Wappett (Lecturer - Data Analytics and Information Systems)
    • * earned their Foundation of College Teaching emphasis

Master Teacher Certificate Recipients:

  • Marilyn Cuch* (Lecturer - Teacher Education and Leadership)
  • Jocelyn Cuthbert (Postdoctoral Fellow II - Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences)
  • Chris Hartwell (Assistant Professor - Management Department)
  • Daniel Holland* (Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy - Marketing and Strategy Department)
  • Shawn Miller* (Lecturer - Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Heloisa Rutigliano* (Research Assistant Professor - Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences)
  • Lianne Wappett* (Lecturer - Data Analytics and Information Systems)
    • * received both certificates this past academic year

For more information on the ETE10 program, visit www.usu.edu/empowerteaching.


Marcus Jensen
News Coordinator
University Marketing and Communications


Travis Thurston
Assistant Director
The Office of Empowering and Teaching Excellence


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