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Margin of Error: USU Student Creates Docudrama About Multiracial Students' Experiences in Higher Ed

By Taylor Emerson |

Video by Taylor Emerson, Digital Journalist, University Marketing and Communications

Created by USU student Aubrey Felty, Margin of Error is a docudrama about multiracial students' experiences in higher education. Felty and a research team interviewed 8 multiracial students from across the country, then worked with actors to portray their stories. These pieces were shown to some USU faculty and students to capture and include their reactions and commentary. Felty's goal is to help elevate the voices of multiracial people and promote a better understanding of their unique experiences in our society. The film will debut Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. in Fine Arts Visual 150, and all are welcome to attend.


Taylor Emerson
Digital Journalist
University Marketing and Communications
(435) 797-2262


Aubrey Felty
Senior, Theatre Education
Creator, Margin of Error


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