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Maverik and Utah State University Release Maverik Stadium Agreement

Maverik, Inc. and Utah State University announced today [June 23, 2015] that they have made public an agreement for the naming rights arrangement for USU’s football stadium, formerly known as Romney Stadium. Beginning September 3, 2016, USU’s football team will play on the Merlin Olsen Field at Maverik Stadium.

This agreement is a catalyst for USU’s stadium renovation initiative, ensuring the already promising future of Aggie football. Maverik and USU look forward to providing an enhanced stadium experience for USU students, student athletes, alumni and fans.

Due to the ongoing public interest in the agreement, Maverik and USU are cooperatively releasing the agreement to the public. A copy of the agreement may be found online.

The primary agreement terms include:

  1. The agreement will last until December 31, 2037;
  2. The total dollar value of the agreement to USU is $6.3 million. Commencing on January 1, 2016, Maverik will begin making payments to USU;
  3. The stadium will be named Maverik Stadium;
  4. Maverik Stadium signs will be provided on the west side of the new Stadium press box (currently under construction), on south side of the Jim and Carol Laub Athletics-Academics Complex facing Merlin Olsen Field, and on the South scoreboard;
  5. Maverik will have limited in-game sponsorship video and public announcement mentions;
  6. USU and Maverik will cooperatively develop appropriate signage and logos for Maverik Stadium that comply with USU’s visual identity;
  7. Maverik will be the only convenience store and petroleum retailer with sponsorship rights within Maverik stadium;
  8. Maverik will be designated as the Official Gas Station and Convenience Store of Utah State University Football and as the Official Sponsor of Maverik Stadium;
  9. Maverik will theme one concession stand within the stadium as a “Bonfire Grill” at which Maverik food products will be sold by USU’s concessionaire.
  10. Maverik and USU will design a Maverik/USU-themed drink cup to be used at football game concessions.
  11. Maverik will participate in tailgating activities.
  12. Maverik will receive hospitality benefits within the stadium, including, for example, 20 tickets to each home game.

Contact: Aaron Simpson, Maverik, Inc., (801) 683-3623,

Contact: Eric Warren, Utah State University, ((435) 881-8439),

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