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NEHMA Launches Family Art Days at the Cache Gardner's Market

The Art Truck from Utah State University's Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art takes art activities to the community. It will be at the Cache Gardner’s Market Saturday, May 21.

Utah State University’s Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (NEHMA) will debut its new Mobile Art Truck Saturday, May 21, at the Cache Gardner’s Market featuring the program “Art Connects to be Idle Free” as part of its Family Art Days.

“Our Mobile Art Truck is designed to bring art and programs into the community,” said Katie Lee Koven, NEHMA’s executive director. “By connecting art with other disciplines and issues affecting society we can help raise awareness about the role of art as well as bring attention to important topics that impact all of us.”

For Saturday’s NEHMA Family Art Days at the Gardner’s Market, the museum collaborates with Logan High students of the LEAF (Logan Environmental Action Force) Club and USU professor of marketing in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Edwin Stafford. An exhibit and free craft activities for children to build awareness about air pollution and solutions for Cache Valley are planned.

“The LEAF Club is looking forward to collaborating with NEHMA, and we’re delighted to engage Cache Valley about ways to improve air quality,” said Victoria Stafford, historian of LEAF Club. “We hope we can work toward a more sustainable future.”

Winning posters from Logan High’s Clean Air Poster Contest sponsored by LEAF Club this past year will be on display in the Mobile Art Truck. The Clean Air Poster Contest was initiated by Stafford and Roslynn Brain in 2015, with the goal of targeting teens learning to drive to become aware of the air pollution implications of their new driving privilege and gain knowledge about driving strategies to preserve air quality (e.g., refrain from idling, carpooling, etc.). LEAF Club took over the poster contest this year with the intent of making it an annual event. The winning posters are now exhibited throughout the community for education outreach.

Children at the Gardner’s Market will be able to join LEAF Club’s high school students in making their own posters and hanging plaques to display in their parents’ cars as visual reminders to be idle free. Craft and art supplies will be provided and the activity is free for children of all ages.

The NEHMA Mobile Art Truck will continue to host Family Art Days on the third Thursday of each month throughout the year.

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