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Research At Work And Making A Difference In Utah

Research At Work And Making A Difference In Utah

Utah State University and University of Utah students are coming together to promote the importance of undergraduate research.

Utah's research universities invite everyone to attend Undergraduate Research Day at the rotunda at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City, Thursday, Jan. 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Students from around the state of Utah attending the universities will exhibit their undergraduate research projects for Utah's legislators and will discuss the importance of research in their educations.

"Utah State believes that research is invaluable for a student's intellectual growth and development," said Joyce Kinkead, vice provost for undergraduate studies and research at Utah State. "Undergraduate research provides a unique hands-on experience, enhancing learning and improving the value of students' degrees."

This year Utah State will send more students to the capitol than ever before, and this year also marks the first time freshman from the university were selected to attend.

"As a top research university, we commit ourselves to increasing our standard of research excellence for our students, faculty, community and world," said Brent Miller, vice president for research at Utah State. "Research projects are a boon to learning and discovery, providing benefits to the state by creating solutions to practical problems."

The findings of undergraduate research can be used to guide action on community and state issues, making significant contributions to the state's economy and intellectual capital.

"Research programs provide an unparalleled education opportunity for Utah's deserving students," said Kermit L. Hall, president of Utah State. "They create technologies, jobs and skilled professionals for the statewide economy."

Utah State and U of U students are learning by doing and, in the words of Kinkead, "truly making a difference."

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