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University Encourages Dialogue on Consent and Sexual Respect

Universities nationwide are struggling with how to prevent sexual violence and encourage respectful dating relationships. Utah State University plans to address this issue Sep. 5-8 as part of USU’s Sex + Respect week. Students will have the option to attend several relationship, sex education and sexual assault prevention workshops.

“We want to encourage dialogue about consent and sexual respect so our students can help us create a positive learning environment, free from sexual violence,” said James Morales, vice president of Student Affairs. “By offering them information, students can make informed decisions that support their well-being as well as the health and safety of our campus community.”

Throughout the week, students can find the following workshops and presentations:


  • Healthy Relationships
  • Consent: Communicating About Sexual Activity
  • Abstinence: Tools to Support Your Choice
  • Alcohol and Consent
  • Self Confidence and Self Defense
  • Safe Sex 101
  • Red Zone Awareness Expo (TSC Patio)
  • Becoming an Upstander: Bystander Intervention Training
  • Meet and Mingle BBQ With Campus Authorities
  • “Sing Our Rivers Red” Display
  • Panel on Sex + Respect

The week ends with an event where students can anonymously ask questions about consent, safer sex, sexual assault and LGBTQA+ issues to a panel of USU students and staff.

“The main theme of the week is ‘respect,’” said Macy Keith, the staff member coordinating the week’s events who is also the LGBTQA+ coordinator for USU. “All of the presentations are ultimately about how to better express respect for others – by respecting their choices about sex, communicating with them better and not putting others at risk through unsafe choices.”

Speakers include USU staff and faculty, as well as experts from the Cache Valley community. A full schedule of events is at

The event is coordinated by the USU Access and Diversity Center and sponsored by Student Affairs and Housing and Residence Life.

Contact: Amanda DeRito, 435-797-2759,

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