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USU Buildings Reduce Energy Use

Efforts to reduce energy consumption on USU's campus are measured in the USU Energy Wars.

As students, faculty and staff are reducing energy throughout October and November to become the champions in the 5th annual Energy Wars, Utah State University’s energy management teams have been hard at work even longer. According to energy management engineer Glynn Hadley, over the past 12 months USU’s energy management team has undertaken 10 energy efficient lighting retrofits to university buildings within Cache Valley. In total $415,000 has been invested to achieve an estimated $65,500 in annual electricity savings.

The projects vary from the high performance court lighting in the Spectrum to a small but effective student-inspired lighting upgrade to the Quinney Library. All projects have realized energy savings as a result of switching to LED lamps and fixtures.

“These lighting upgrades yield further benefits that range from significantly reduced maintenance requirements to instant off/on light in the replacement of high bay lighting,” said Hadley.

Some of the upgrades should assist five academic buildings and ten residence halls as they compete to reduce their energy use in the annual Energy Wars competition.

“This year's Energy Wars competition is bigger than ever with five of USU's academic buildings competing along with housing to reduce energy use,” said Terra Pace, USU Sustainability Council intern and student in the Quinney College of Natural Resources. “It’s a partnership across campus.”

She also noted the winning building will receive breakfast in their building.

Energy upgrades and Energy Wars are two ways people are invited to contribute to the university’s on-going energy conservation goals. Participants can report suggested energy upgrades through the new campus reporter that is available on iOS and Android devices.

“We’re trying to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, so we need everyone onboard,” said Alexi Lamm, USU sustainability coordinator. “I hope people discover new ways to do the things they love using less energy even after the competition is over as it all contributes to long-term change.”

For more information, visit the Energy Wars website.


Alexi Lamm, USU Sustainability coordinator, 435.797.9299,; Glynn Hadley, Energy Management engineer, 435.797.5532,; Terra Pace, Sustainability Council Green Office intern, student in the Quinney College of Natural Resources,

Graphs record the percentage of change from last year in various campus buildings.


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