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USU Implements Composting Program for Faculty

Utah State University will implement its first ever post-consumer compost collection bin for the use of faculty starting April 25. The bin will be placed on campus in the courtyard of the Biology Natural Resources building and be collected once a week by the university’s composting team. The composting program will be implemented as part of the existing Green Office Program at the university and also be available to all faculty wanting to participate. 

A group of eager students, Brannen Silva, Josh Martin, Riley Koch and Sarah Ross are working together to better USU’s composting system and place collection bin for post-consumer waste on campus for faculty to use.

In the last two years, more than 115,000 pounds of pre-consumer food waste was collected and processed into compost at USU. This was then distributed throughout campus. By creating its own compost, USU cuts down on its total carbon emissions and adds natural additives to their soil in place of chemical heavy fertilizers. The President’s Promise, the university's goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, is something USU is striving for. By composting its own food waste, the university is able to decrease their overall carbon footprint.   

Collected compost can be made into a rich fertile soil to be used for campus flower beds and new grass fields instead of being put into the landfill where it is wasted. This maintains a beautiful and vibrant campus that all can enjoy while contributing to sustainability. Not only will USU’s flower beds be more radiant thanks to the compost generated from faculty, but those that opt to use the bin and compost their food will feel good about doing good. The hope is that if the implemented compost program is successful that it can serve as a pilot to allow students to compost as well. 

USU’s mission of being carbon neutral by 2050 means they need to continue to improve and implement sustainable programs. With the already existing Green Offices Program, this opens the door for strong movements of sustainability in USU’s. The goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 is possible only with improvements to our existing sustainability efforts. This composter will not only help with the amount of compost we have available for campus, but will create a better awareness of the importance of our environment and goals we have of being more sustainable. 

Contact: Brannen Silva, USU Student,, 801.895.8834

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