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USU Introduces New Safety App and Emergency Alert System

Utah State University has made changes in the way it communicates about campus emergencies and safety concerns. This week, the university launched Utah State Safe, a new safety app that provides information about safety and resources to those on the Logan campus. In addition, USU is now using a new system to send out Code Blue alerts. 

“The safety of each and every member of our Aggie family is our top priority,” said Earl Morris, executive director of USU Public Safety. “The safety app and new system will improve our ability to communicate with our community about threats and ensure everyone has the information they need to be safe.”

The university sends Code Blue alerts to tell the campus community about threats to their safety and security, including significant emergencies or dangerous situations. Utah State began working toward contracting a new vendor for the alert system and adding a safety app in fall 2018 due to limitations in its prior system. Those receiving alerts in the new system will notice that more information is available by clicking a link in the alerts sent through text. Alerts will also show up in push notifications on the Utah State Safe app.

One thing that will not change is the name. Alerts to the campus will still start with “Code Blue.” Morris says the system has become synonymous with this name and people are used to the term signaling a campus alert about safety.

Students, staff and faculty who were enrolled in Code Blue in the past were automatically transferred to the new system. Others will need to either opt in to receive alerts by visiting or download the safety app to receive alerts through the app’s push notifications. The university hopes most people will sign up and download the app.

Utah State Safe provides quick access to:

  • Code Blue alerts sent through push notifications as long as Wi-Fi or cellular service is available. 
  • Report a tip or crime through a mobile device.
  • Use of “Friend Walk,” a feature that the user can use to ask a trusted friend to watch them walk home through GPS.
  • Call Public Safety or 911. 
  • Information about important campus resources.

To learn more about how to sign up or change contact information for Code Blue alerts, visit


Amanda DeRito
Associate VP of Strategic Communications
University Marketing and Communications


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