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USU Southwest Strengthens Recruitment Efforts With Two Admission Specialists

By Marcus Jensen |

Utah State University Southwest Region has hired two new positions to bolster recruitment and outreach efforts. The region has added Hailey Rogers as a recruiter and Maren Kaldor as an admissions specialist, with Rogers located at USU Kanab and Kaldor at USU Nephi. These additions will help USU Southwest better serve and expand higher education opportunities for the region.

The USU Southwest region covers 11 counties across the southern part of the state. The region became its own entity in 2018 after previously being connected with other campuses. Prior to the addition of Rogers and Kaldor to their new positions, the region only had one recruiter, something Nancy Glomb, associate vice president for the Southwest Region, thought needed to increase to better serve the region and its students.

“I quickly realized that one person could not effectively do it all — especially in light of the fact that a hallmark of the southwest is personal, "human" relationships with our students and community partners,” Glomb said. “To nurture and maintain those relationships requires a lot of travel. I also realized that the non-traditional student population that we serve requires, and deserves, a high density of contact and support throughout the application and admissions process. It became clear that in order to provide the high degree of "touch" that we believe is critical, the southwest region needed two positions. I am very excited to see where Hailey and Maren take us.”

Kaldor and Rogers, together with Glomb, work closely with Vanessa Liesik, director of Statewide and USU Online Recruitment. In their short time working together and making sure their admissions and recruitment are consistent with USU policies, the campuses in the southwest have already seen an increase in applications and enrollment.

“The positive impact Maren and Hailey have had in such a short time is impressive,” Liesik said. “I believe their addition to the team is integral to ongoing growth at the University’s 11 locations in the Southwest as we continue to explore new ways to serve students and communities.”

Kaldor has been a part of USU Southwest for many years, joining the campus in 2015. Since joining the region, Kaldor has worked as a facilitator, as the USU Nephi Center education coordinator and now as an admissions specialist. Glomb is already pleased with the work Kaldor has done in the position.

“Maren makes sure that anyone who starts the application process receives support throughout the process and she is proactive in reaching out to everyone,” Glomb said. “She has implemented great initiatives to let all prospective Aggies know that they are supported and heard, and she will be providing new students with a high density of support through enrollment in their second semester. She works closely with Kayleen Evans, Advisor Senior for the Southwest, to make sure that new admits are connected with an appropriate academic advisor.”

Kaldor works with students from the time they inquire about a program all the way through the admissions process, including connecting students with academic advisors. She has a passion for helping students achieve their goals and work toward their dreams.

“The admissions process can be very intimidating, so I try to make that personal connection and provide students with the resources they need along the way,” Kaldor said. “I have a passion for helping adults continue their education and make a difference in their own communities. I love that I get to help students grow their lives from their hometown.”

Southwestern Utah is home for Kaldor, as she grew up in Gunnison and has been a longtime resident of Nephi. She sees the personal connections that USU Southwest creates with students as an asset. She loves reaching out to students and creating a relationship with them.

“My biggest priority is to reach every single student that inquires about USU Southwest and provide valuable information,” Kaldor said. “I hope to really reach the students and encourage prospective students to explore higher education and am ready to connect with students looking for degree opportunities. Aggies truly are everywhere!”

Kaldor lives in Nephi with her husband and two sons. She has a passion for travel, reading and getting in sleep whenever her busy schedule permits.

Rogers joins USU Southwest after graduating from Utah Valley University and working as a manager at K-Town 89. According to Glomb, Rogers will be the community-facing recruiter. Having grown up in Kanab and traveled extensively in the region, Rogers has a good understanding of the USU Southwest communities.

“Hailey has the skills and the personality to make connections with community leaders and prospective students, and she has hit the ground running,” Glomb said. “In addition to planning and implementing recruiting events in our eleven counties, she will be working with community leaders, business, industry, and school districts to assess education needs.”

Rogers is responsible for recruiting non-traditional students, building community relationships and conducting needs assessments for education and workforce. She also works to help the community better understand and be aware of the opportunities that USU Statewide offers their region. Rogers has already made connections throughout the southwest and looks forward to building even more relationships.

“Over the next few months, I look forward to meeting with leaders in county commissions, chamber of commerce, economic developers, USU extension and workforce services,” Rogers said. “USU Southwest is looking forward to expanding the educational opportunities in the counties we serve. Part of that process is creating those relationships to make sure we are meeting the needs of the counties.”

Rogers is excited to help individuals understand how an education via USU Southwest can benefit them. She sees USU as an asset to the community and one that can provide support, flexibility and personal attention with a variety of broadcast and online options.

“The degrees and certifications we offer are designed for every student, in every situation of life,”Rogers said. “Whether a student is starting college for the first time or returning after a several year break, USU Southwest is a great option. USU Southwest has local education centers in every county. These education centers have individuals who are knowledgeable and ready to help students in every step of their education from initially applying to finishing their degree."

In spare time, Rogers loves to explore the southern part of the state, visiting petroglyphs and slot canyons, camping and taking road trips with family. She also enjoys piano, reading and going to local high school sporting events.

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