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USU Student Association Declarations of Candidacy Now Open Until Jan. 31

By Max Roberts |

Students can now declare candidacy for USUSA student government positions.

LOGAN, Utah — Students can now declare their candidacy for Utah State University Student Association student government, marking the official start of the university’s 2022 student body elections. Candidates must file by 7 a.m. Jan. 31 to qualify for the ballot.

“The beginning of the new semester also designates the beginning of the annual USUSA elections, and we are thrilled to announce that declarations of candidacy are now open for the 2022 elections season,” said Max Roberts, a USUSA elections co-chair. “We look forward to assembling this year’s candidates and getting to know them and their platforms for the student body.”

The declaration process will take place entirely online this year. Through what had been mandatory in-person meetings prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, candidates will now be able to receive important training and certify their campaign on a Canvas course. Students can self-enroll in the course by visiting the USUSA elections website.

Running for office is a rewarding experience, according to Elections Co-Chair Alexis Needleman. If elected, officers also receive several benefits during their terms.

“USUSA student leaders not only network with leaders, build their résumés and develop leadership skills,” Needleman said, “but they also make lifelong friends and memories and earn a scholarship for their service. We invite any student who is passionate about making a difference in the USU community to step up to the challenge and run for office.”

These elections will also be the first time that officers are elected according to the provisions of the new USUSA constitution, which was passed by Logan and USU Statewide students in the 2021 general elections and by USU Eastern students in a special referendum in October. The most significant change is the creation of the Executive Leadership Board, which will serve as a single presidency for the entire USU student body.

To facilitate the new structure, two separate weeks of elections will be conducted. From Feb. 14-18, the entire USU student body will elect the members of the Executive Leadership Board, including the student body president. From Feb. 28 to March 4, individual campuses and colleges will elect their own officers.

“While we are excited to take these important steps for our student government during the 2022 elections, we understand that some of the changes can be confusing,” Roberts said. “We will be here for both candidates and voters throughout the process to answer their questions and make participation as simple as possible.”

Students can begin to declare their candidacy at Candidates should email with any questions or problems during the declaration process.

More information for the public about the 2022 USUSA elections is available at


Max Roberts
Public Relations Director
Utah State University Student Association



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