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USU-Uintah Basin Nursing Students Have 100 Percent Job Placement

By Dana Rhoades |

Utah State University Uintah Basin Nursing is pleased to announce that all 2018 graduates are now working as nurses. They had a 90.9 percent first-time pass rate for the NCLEX licensure exam. The accrediting standard for nursing is that a minimum of 80 percent of graduates pass the exam on the first attempt. 
“Our students continue to impress us with their ability to consume a lot of information, then quickly turn around and put it into practice in real-world settings,” said Inella Bastian, nursing faculty member at USU-Uintah Basin. “The students’ success is a reflection on our nursing program and the quality of instruction being offered.” 
Of the 22 total students, 18 are working locally, three along the Wasatch front, and one out of state as Registered Nurses (RNs). Part of the reason students are finding work is because of the hands-on coursework they completed during school. “These graduates were determined to do all they could to open doors for better career opportunities and higher salaries available to RNs,” added Bastian. “Through clinical work and our simulation lab, they were able to practice real-world scenarios.” 
Tremendous community support provides local students with the tools, technology and scholarship opportunities they need to become successful nurses. In 2013, USU and the Uintah Basin Technical College (UBTech) forged a partnership to provide students with a near-seamless transition from the practical nursing certificate to the associate degree in nursing. Since, both institutions have worked together to provide a solid foundation in science, nursing courses, and quality clinical education.  
 “Over the past few years, USU and UBTech have worked together to create a strong foundation for nursing students,” said USU-Uintah Basin Executive Director James Y. Taylor. “We look forward to future students continuing this momentum and going on to serve and better their local communities.” 
Individuals interested in a nursing career begin by completing college classes in anatomy, physiology, human growth and development, and then apply to UBTech’s practical nursing program. After successful completion of the two-semester program, graduates are eligible to test for Practical Nursing licensure. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) may continue their nursing education by completing English, statistics, and chemistry and applying for USU’s Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program. It is competitive and prepares students to become registered nurses in two semesters. UBTech and USU’s nursing programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and provide affordable, quality education for nursing students in the Uintah Basin.  
If you are interested in USU’s nursing program, USU-Uintah Basin is holding a nursing application workshop for LPNs on January 4, 2019. USU will cohost two open houses with UB Tech about both programs on January 23 and 24. USU’s new application deadline for the program is February 18, while UBTech’s deadline is May 31.  


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