Gender Pay Gap

Although the gender pay gap has narrowed since the signing of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women still earn 82 cents for every dollar a man earns in the U.S. and approximately 70.2 cents in the state of Utah. The gap is even wider for Utah women of color. Depending on the metric, Utah is ranked between 45th and 50th as one of the worst states for this gap. The Gender Pay Gap spoke focuses on narrowing this gap through bringing together organizations and individuals who want to work on societal and institutional change. This includes, but not limited to, efforts around identifying and sharing best practices, considering and changing culture, finding ways to shift messaging, encouraging and expanding education and resources, creating opportunities and pathways, increasing male allyship, and engaging in strategic public policy. To learn more, listen to the spoke leaders discuss the work on this 15-minute podcast.

Spoke Leaders

Katie Witt

Katie Witt

Community Advocate
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Katie Witt is a seasoned community advocate with over a decade of experience in public policy, local government, and community development. She is adept at bringing people and organizations together to achieve common goals.

Community Advocate

Rachel Cottam

Rachel Cottam 

Head of Content, Lexion
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Rachel Cottam is the Head of Content at Lexion. She created the “Allies at Work Playbook” to share easy tactics to level the playing field—for women and other minority groups.  More than anything, she loves her husband and three mini feminists.



Deneiva Knight

Deneiva Knight

External Affairs Director, Comcast
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Deneiva Knight is the External Affairs Director for Comcast. In addition to leading local government affairs, media relations, and community impact initiatives, she has a passion for getting outside and enjoying all the benefits nature has to offer. Comcast

Bold Vision & Goals

To make Utah a place where more girls and women can thrive, the Gender Pay Gap spoke leaders and partners have crafted the vision and goals below. Spoke leadership and UWLP team members are currently working to collect baseline data that will assist in adding numbers to the changes we want to see by 2026 and 2030.

Vision: Substantially narrow the gender pay gap in the state of Utah by 2030. 

  1. Narrow the gender pay gap and move up in the state rankings on WalletHub’s “Gender Disparity in Wage Gap from 50th in 2023 to 47th in 2026, and 45th in 2030. [Metric]
  2. Increase the percent of women in the higher income earning category ($100,000+) from 5.6% to 7.5% by 2026 and to 10% by 2030. [Metric]
  3. Increase Utahns’ level of agreement that the pay gap exists. [Data forthcoming]
  4. Decrease Utahns’ level of agreement that the gender pay gap is solely women’s choices. [Data forthcoming]
  5. Increase Utahn’s perception that the gender pay gap is, at least in part, a public issue that needs public policy solutions. [Data forthcoming]
  6. Increase Utah’s perception women make less money than male counterparts even with same/similar experience, education and position. [Data forthcoming]




Salt Lake Chamber


USU Extension

Women Tech Council

Women's Leadership Institute

Utah Women & Leadership Project

Denali Therapeutics

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Spectrum Recruiting Solutions

Utah Division of Human Resource Management




Get Engaged: Ways to get engaged include joining a Gender Pay Gap spoke working group and considering leading one; and leading conversations and efforts in your own counties, municipalities, or neighborhoods on this topic. Thank you for your interest!

Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen

Spoke Coordinator
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