February 2022 Newsletter


I have many Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) announcements for February (hang in there)!

First, we are pleased to announce the release of a new research and policy brief titled “The Status of Women in Utah Politics: A 2022 Update.” Thanks to my co-researchers Hannah Payne, Marin Christensen, Kim Buesser, and Lindsey Palmer for their fabulous work on this brief. In addition, a few weeks ago we released a research snapshot titled, “Poverty Among Utah Women: A 2022 Update” (with Dawn-Marie G. Wood, Dr. Emily S. Darowski, and Gregory C. Knapp) and an accompanying infographic.

Second, we have four free events coming up (RSVP online):

  1. Relaunching Your Career: Tools & Strategies for Women Returning to the Workforce (Feb. 10, Noon-1:15pm; Virtual)
  2. Conflict Management for Women: Skills, Strategies, and Solutions (Workshop; Mar. 1, Noon-1:30pm; Virtual)
  3. International Women’s Day Celebration: Utah Women Learn, Lead, & Lift (Mar. 8, 9:00-10:00am; Virtual; co-sponsored by the One Utah Roadmap and others)
  4. Perspectives on Women’s Leadership from Prominent Utah Women of Faith (Mar. 10, 6:00-7:15pm; Virtual)

Third, in partnership with Utah Public Radio, we have released two new podcasts titled “Sexist Comments & Responses Part I” and “Sexist Comments & Responses Part II.” These episodes cover sexist comments and responses in a discussion about an in-depth research study on sexist comments heard by Utah women. I am joined by Robbyn Scribner and Heather Sundahl for these episodes. 

Fourth, we have several resources to highlight this month:

Fifth, we have released a new dashboard titled “Impact of COVID-19 on Utah Women & Work.” Utah Women & Leadership Project researchers conducted an extensive, in-depth survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on Utah women and work. This comprehensive study collected data from over 3,500 Utah women on a wide variety of topic areas to capture respondents’ perceptions and experiences. The dashboard is in an exploratory format that allows the user to make their own discoveries. A big shout out to USU data analytics faculty members Lianne Wappett and Polly Conrad and a wonderful team of students at the Huntsman School of Business for their work on this!

Sixthin partnership with USU Extension, we have just released a new online 3-hour course titled, “Understanding Gender: An In-depth Exploration.” We hope this helps influencers—like parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, family friends, community members, and teachers—create effective environments for learning and growth for children and young adults of all ages, from pre-K through college, by better understanding gender (Cost: $10.00).

Seventh, here are some of our partners’ upcoming events:

Finally, check out some articles and media published this past month:

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Enjoy February!


Prof./Dr. Susan R. MadsenInaugural Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of LeadershipDirector, Utah Women & Leadership ProjectJon M. Huntsman School of BusinessUtah State University

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February 2022 Newsletter

The February 2022 Newsletter for the Utah Women & Leadership Project highlights new resources released, editorials, and announcements about women's groups and partnerships.