July 2022 Newsletter


I have a number of Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) announcements for July:

First, we are pleased to announce the release of a new research snapshot titled “The Status of Utah American Indian Women” (with Dr. Tasha Toy and Marin Christensen), along with one we released a few weeks ago titled “The Status of Utah Hispanic or Latina Women” (with Dr. Jessica C. Hill and Marin Christensen). See the acknowledgements for the many other people who advised, reviewed, and assisted with these reports. In addition, the UWLP team held 11 community conversations with women of color around the state on their experiences, and a summary of these discussions are included in a series of short reports. We are releasing the first 3 today: Asian, Black, and Pacific Islander.

Second, we have many new resources to highlight this month:

Third, here are some of our partners’ upcoming events:

Fourth, the Gender-Based Violence Consortium at the University of Utah recently released a white paper titled “Utah State-Wide Needs Assessment: Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking” that may be of interest to you. In addition, we track the research related to girls and women by other entities in the state on this webpage.

Finally, check out some key articles and media published this past month:

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Enjoy July!


Prof./Dr. Susan R. MadsenInaugural Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of LeadershipDirector, Utah Women & Leadership ProjectJon M. Huntsman School of BusinessUtah State University

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July 2022 Newsletter

The July 2022 Newsletter for the Utah Women & Leadership Project highlights new resources released, editorials, and announcements about women's groups and partnerships.

The Status of Utah American Indian Women

The data in this report provide a snapshot of the existing disparities in several areas specifically related to Utah American Indian women. It also provides a starting point for meaningful, targeted change.

The Status of Utah Hispanic or Latina Women

Utahns can increase equity and equality within the state by utilizing data to recognize the impact of gender and race in our everyday lives. The state can use these data to better utilize the talents, ideas, and resources that Latina women have to offer t...