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The mission of the Utah Women & Leadership Project is to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women. We serve Utah and its residents by 1) producing relevant, trustworthy, and applicable research; 2) creating and gathering valuable resources; and 3) convening trainings and events that inform, inspire, and ignite growth and change for all Utahns.

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The Status of Women in Utah Politics: A 2021 Update

This report updates the 2017 brief titled “The Status of Women in Utah Politics” and provides both Utah and national data for the following seven areas: Congress, statewide executive offices, state legislatures, counties, mayors, city councils, and boards...


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When Women Don’t Speak: What It Takes for Women To be Heard
After years spent analyzing lab and real-life settings to determine what it takes for a woman to truly be perceived as competent and influential, Drs. Jessica Preece and Christopher Karpowitz discovered that for women, having a seat at the table does not mean having a voice. This engaging presentation will provide tips and strategies that can help all women understand what it takes for women to be heard and viewed as influential.
Rising Athenas, Male Allies, and the Power of Gender Partnership

The authors of the Harvard Business Review books Athena Rising and Good Guys will make the business case for male engagement in gender equality. Using their research and organizational best practices, they will provide the “how to” for men, women, and organizational leaders who want to be intentional, inclusive, and excellent allies, leveraging mentorship, sponsorship, and workplace partnership to create a more diverse workforce.

Designing Corporate Women’s Networks, Initiatives, and Leadership Programs

This online workshop is designed specifically for company representatives who are interested in creating, designing, developing, or restructuring women’s networks, groups, programs, and/or other initiatives in their organizations. Leaders of women’s groups/networks and corporate leaders involved in these strategic initiatives are invited to participate. Dr. Madsen will teach attendees about the types of efforts, programs, and designs that have been effective in supporting and advancing women in workplace settings.