Moving Services

We provide moving services for Utah State University employees and customers.  The Moving Crew is committed to providing a positive and professional experience with each move. We are prepared to accommodate a range of moving tasks from equipment rental, to office transfers and remodels, to large items that cannot be moved by hand.

Rental Dropoff

This map shows our default outdoor drop off locations when delivering rented equipment.  If your event takes place in one of the areas shaded red, please use the corresponding name of that area when placing your rental order with Event Services.  If your event is taking place indoors, please use the correct building name and room number.

The green asterisk indicates the specific location where you can expect the equipment to be dropped off.  If you would like the equipment set up, or dropped off at a location other than the one indicated on the map, please specify as needed when placing your order.  Charges may apply.

Contact Us
To place a moving work order, contact Facilities Customer Service (435)797-3710

To request a move for surplus equipment, contact Surplus Sales (435)797-2083

To rent equipment for an event, contact Event Services Central Reservation (435)797-0423

To get an estimate or to ask any other questions, contact Moving Services at (435) 797-2886